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Zach Thompson is a self taught Detroit based painter. His work focuses on themes of individualism, humanity, and morale. A mixture of acrylic paints, oil pastels, and palette knives are used in the creation of each painting as well as traditional brushes. 

"Victory Blues" is Thompson's second solo show, and first in Chicago. On view from March 30th through April 30th.

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Peter Manion is a native Saint Louisan who returned in 2000 after studying and living in Chicago and Louisville, KY. Though he completed his studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Peter spent nearly 8 years away from the art world. For the past three years, however, he has returned to his studio and to painting, making and showing his work continuously. Focused on the idea and the process of making a work of art, Peter's work has been evolving, challenging both him and his audience. Using an assortment of tools, techniques, and mediums, his paintings contain subtle abstract details and images built around a central form that frequently demands of the viewer to ask how is that done? 

"Let Me Tell You A Story" is Manion's second solo show in Chicago. On view beginning September 14th.

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